A great back care tip for office workers

Back Care top tips for office workersMost office workers have heard that being hunched over a keyboard at your desk is bad for posture and can be a cause of back issues. At Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic our very own top tips for office workers back care highlights the need to move more.

However, while it is easy for us to say, it’s not as easy to carry out and stick to. Which is why we love this back care tip from one of our male patients, SCC owner and chiropractor Sam explains…

“He had set up a dart board in his office to encourage him & colleagues to get up regularly and get away from their desks.  He sets his computer to alert him every 20 minutes, obviously ignores it a couple of times but generally gets up for around 10 minutes every hour or so and has a little game of darts! Genius! Lots of varied beneficial body movements involved there with both upper body and lower body getting involved.”

Back Care top tip: darts at work!While this idea might not be everyone’s first choice, it does give a great example of how you can build in some movement in to your day…. forcing you to get away from that desk for just a few minutes.

If you have an example of what you do to make sure you take some breaks from your desk, please let us know.

Office workers Back Care Top Tips

Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic have produced a number of Top Tips information sheets, use the links to see the office based tips:

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