Chiropractor treatment stops ITB Knee pain for Ironman competitor

ITB Runners knee painWhen a runner of Marathons/Triathalons/Iron Man events visited the Clinic with an ITB pain (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) – a knee pain issue – we were happy to help.

Following treatment with Helen, Stephen from Brighton no longer felt the ITB pain in his knee and completed a Ironman event in a competitive time and injury free.

Here is what he said about the chiropractic treatment:

From ITB pain to Ironman!

Treatment for ITB knee pain by Shoreham Chiropractic ClinicI met Helen following a presentation she held in my workplace in June 2015 and a quick consultation revealed a misalignment in my pelvis. 

I had on-going left ITB issue which had prevented my running in Brighton Marathon earlier in the year and as I was in training for an Ironman Triathlon event a couple of months later I was concerned regarding my fitness. 

After a couple of sessions with Helen I began to feel much stronger and efficient whilst training and within a few weeks my ITB pain had disappeared and the speed associated with a good Run technique had returned.

I completed Ironman Wales in Sep 2015 in a competitive time and injury free.  I’m confident that without Helen’s help in the build-up the journey would have ended differently.

I plan to continue to visit Helen for regular on-going health checks and would thoroughly recommend her abilities.  I found her treatment, support and advice absolutely superb and the results speak for themselves.

What is ITB pain?

Often known as runners knee, Iliotibial band syndrome is one of the most common overuse injuries suffered by runners. It’s caused by friction of the Iliotibial Band and the notable symptoms are swelling and pain on the outside of the knee.

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