Free chiropractic baby checks all week for Spinal Awareness Week 2017

Free chiropractic baby checks during Spinal Awareness Week 2017

This week is Spinal Awareness (15th -19th May 2017) and this year the focus is “Chiropractic for Children – Checking future adults…today!”.

In recognition of this, our experienced Shoreham chiropractors will be offering free baby checks all week.  Simply call in or call us on 01273 461 155 to find out more and book an appointment.

Family care at Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic

Our Shoreham chiropractors focus on providing chiropractic care for the whole family. From Mums to be and babies to toddlers and school children, we are delighted to support your family.

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Spinal Awareness Week 2017

Spinal Awareness WeekThis year Spinal Awareness Week is  placing the emphasis on chiropractic care for children – looking at the art, science and philosophy.

There will be a focus on the huge benefits chiropractic can have on the children within our communities, and how Chiropractic keeps children connected not just within themselves and their health & vitality, but also with their families, friendships, communities and globally.

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