Yoga for Lower Back Health: taster sessions & course

Yoga for lower back health - taster sessions and course in Shoreham-by-SeaShoreham Chiropractic Clinic will be running a 12 week Yoga for Lower Back Health Course. It will be run in two blocks of 6 weeks with Diana Dearle, one of our yoga instructors.

Helping those with lower back issues – mild, moderate or severe

This course is designed to provide a comprehensive guide of yoga postures to help all those with a history or currently have lower back issues whether mild, moderate or severe.

This is a one off program which gives you the tools to manage your back care for the rest of your life.

Research, evidence based programme

The course has extensive research behind it from the University of York and is recognised and accredited by Arthritis Research UK and The British Wheel of Yoga.  It’s success extends to being a part of the NHS in Cornwall.

More information can be found on the official website:

Helping you deal with future back issues

Over the 12 weeks, students will be guided through a sequence of yoga postures with a strong focus on engaging and strengthening the core, postural alignments in sitting and standing, stretching and toning muscles to support the spine and breathing and relaxation.

This course will give you a tool box so that you are fully equipped to deal with any future back issues and injuries.

Posture book & relaxation CD

Students will receive a book of all the postures with full instructions and homework to do in-between each session.  Students also get a relaxation CD to use throughout the course and beyond.

Summer taster sessions

Prior to the course, we will also offering 2 one hour taster classes this summer on Wednesday 23rd Aug at 19.00 and Saturday 5th Aug at 9.00.

The price of the taster session is £11. Please call in to reception, call 01273 461 155 or contact us to book a place on the taster session.

Course starts 1st September

The Yoga lower Back Health course will start on Friday 1st September 6pm – 7.15pm. The cost is £200 per person, and can be paid in 2 installments; £100 for first 6 weeks and £100 for the second 6 weeks.

For further information please call in to reception, call 01273 461 155 or contact us to book your place.


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