Women suffering Neck Pain & Back Pain from as young as 28

New research conducted by the British Chiropractic Association has found that women as young as 28 are starting to suffer from back pain and neck pain.

Preventing back pain top tips

Preventing back pain top tips

The research found that over one fifth of those in the research have struggled, and continued to struggle, with pain on a daily basis. Worryingly over a quarter of these said that they suffered with this pain for over 10 years.

Trigger of back and neck pain

The most common triggers for back or neck pain triggers in the women included:
•    Lifting and carrying
•    Bad posture
•    Sleeping/ mattress
•    Housework/ DIY
•    Exercise/ sport/ physical activities

Back pain is not normal

While back pain has become a common ailment, often as a result of our modern lifestyles, it doesn’t mean that you have to accept it or consider it normal. If you are suffering from back pain or neck pain we recommend you seek treatment quickly before it becomes a long-term problem.

Proactive approach to back care

What’s more, by being proactive and making a few simple lifestyle changes you can have a positive impact on your back and neck health.

We have put together some Top Tips on how to preventing the onset of back pain for women including choosing the right bag and lifting techniques.

Take a look at the Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic Back Care Top Tips for Women»

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