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Meet our Shoreham Chiropractors

Sam Bird, Shoreham by Sea Chiropractor
Sam, Chiropractor and Clinic Owner

Owner of SCC and Chiropractor

Sam trained as a Dr of Chiropractic at AECC Bournemouth, UK and has been a practising Chiropractor for over 20 years now. Having worked at several leading chiropractic clinics in the UK and Italy during her first 10 years qualified, Sam decided to set up her own clinic in Shoreham and focus on providing patients with individualised care and rehabilitation options.  


Sam opened Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic in March 2005.  Her vision to create a centre where like minded caring practitioners could come together to provide quality treatment and care in one place with one unified ethos; friendly professional care you can trust, where your goals are our goals. 


Sam has built a reputation as an effective healthcare practitioner for the entire spectrum of patients from pregnant mums, new borns & new mums to the young, the working, the elderly and sports professionals and this is reflected in the clinic’s family practice approach.


Having represented Great Britain as a junior athlete, Sam has a natural and instinctive understanding in the musculoskeletal system and optimising body mechanics and inherent movement patterns. Having been forced to retire from athletics due to injury; repair and rehabilitation of injuries also forms a strong part of Sam's approach to care, as well as prevention in the first place and maintenance of well being in general.


What Amy says...


"Over the past 20 years or so in practice my approach to my work and chiropractic care, be that with the young, the old or all those in between, is a meticulous one. I use traditional chiropractic techniques, mobilisation, soft tissues techniques, cranial work and rehabilitation exercises.  I work gently and kindly with my patients and I am generous with my time and care. I aim to make the chiropractic care I provide professional and safe in its application and within a secure, caring environment.  My hope is that all sessions on the road to the patient’s recovery are unique to that patient’s needs and something to be looked forward to. 


My particular areas of interest have developed out of a love for the human body and the wonder of our locomotor system and all it can and should be able to offer us. My clinical experience has shown me that this is as important at birth as it is at 90 years young."

Dem Saltmarsh, Shoreham-by-Sea Chiropractor
Dem, Chiropractor


Dem first experienced Chiropractic as a patient at the age of 15 and soon after decided to become a Chiropractor herself!


She graduated in 2002 from the AECC in Bournemouth with a BSc in Human Sciences and MSc in Chiropractic. Since graduating Dem has worked in several practices around the UK both as an associate and locum and has also jointly set up and run a clinic in London focusing on pregnancy and children.


She first joined Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic in 2011. After taking a sabbatical year and spending time closer to family in Devon and Cornwall, we are delighted to have her rejoining the team.


Dem has a real love of variety and enjoys working with all age groups and backgrounds. She has focused a lot of her post graduate training in the areas of pregnancy chiropractic and chiropractic for children as well as nutrition and posture rehabilitation. Dem is currently in her 2nd year of a 3 year naturopathic nutritional medicine course which will culminate in full registration as a nutritional therapist. 


What Dem says...

"Many people know of Chiropractic perhaps more so for it's role in alleviating back, neck and joint symptoms in adults; however for me Chiropractic also represents a natural, holistic approach to health care for all ages. Both as a patient and practitioner i am lucky enough to witness the incredible benefits that chiropractic can bring on a daily basis. When combined with good nutrition, exercise and other healthy lifestyle practices, I believe chiropractic care can play a major role in improving our long term health, reducing the need for drug intervention and empowering us to take more control of own health and the health of our families, naturally and safely. 


I very much enjoy being a part of the team at Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic and I am really looking forward to seeing patients both 'old' and new!"

Helen Taylor Shoreham-by-Sea Chiropractor
Helen, Chiropractor


After exploring a number of healthcare professions prior to University, Helen discovered Chiropractic.


Helen felt that the profession offered the perfect balance between patient interaction, patient education and hands on care. The fact that Chiropractic care consistently produces results helped her to decide to become a Doctor of Chiropractic. It also had the added appeal of being a profession that was a lifestyle too – a way to think, a way to live and a way to be.


Helen has a keen interest in promoting Chiropractic Care for everyone, especially for those who desire to achieve their fullest potential. Chiropractic is much more than a back pain and neck pain solution and is especially useful during pregnancy, for babies and children, sporting performance and excellence, sporting injuries, for the special needs of seniors and wellness and maintenance care for those whose health goal is prevention rather than treatment.


It is the area of pregnancy, babies and children, that Helen is developing a particular interest, spending time attending post graduate courses and seminars on this area.


Helen aspires to be the kind of Chiropractor that encourages patients to always achieve the highest level of health that is possible.


What Helen says...

I am a firm believer in both patient education and functional rehabilitation, since I have witnessed the positive impact both of these have had on patients.

Scott Munro Shoreham-by-Sea Chiropractor
Scott, Chiropractor


During college Scott observed a local chiropractor, and was really impressed with how hands-on chiropractic was and how it concentrates on the body as a whole rather than just the presenting complaint.


He knew he wanted to be part of a healthcare profession, but wasn’t sure which one would suit him the best. It was this experience that encouraged Scott to a career in chiropractic.
Scott  graduated with a Master of Chiropractic from the AECC University College.

Scott strongly believes in prevention over cure.  He loves getting his patients out of pain so they can get on with enjoying their life and living it to the full, he he also takes pride in  educating his patients so they can maintain the best quality of life. With this in mind, he treats all his patients by looking at the bigger picture and not only addressing the obvious symptoms.always aiming to maximise the benefits they are receiving from chiropractic care. 


Scott has always been a sports enthusiast. He loves to play football, tennis and golf and stays active on a regular basis. He loves visiting new places and experiencing different cultures!


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Based in Shoreham-by-Sea, close to the railway station and coastal bus routes, Shoreham Chiropractic Clinic offers Chiropractic, Pilates, Yoga, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Care and Back Care classes to people from Brighton to Worthing including Lancing, Southwick, Portslade and Hove.