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Shoreham Yoga Lower Back course

The course builds a gentle, mindful approach to being aware of, managing and protecting lower back issues by introducing and working through specific yoga postures and breathing techniques


This course is designed to provide a comprehensive guide of yoga postures to help those with a history of, or those who currently have, lower back issues whether mild, moderate or severe.

This is a 12-week course which gives you the tools to manage your back care for the rest of your life.


Starting on Friday the 13th September at 6pm, the 12-week course costs £290 (2 instalments of £145). Course runs through to the 13 December (no classes on the 27 Sep and 1 Nov)

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The course has extensive research behind it from the University of York and is recognised and accredited by Arthritis Research UK and The British Wheel of Yoga. It’s success extends to being a part of the NHS in Cornwall.

More information can be found on the official website:


Over the 12 weeks, students will be guided through a sequence of yoga postures with a strong focus on engaging and strengthening the core, postural alignments in sitting and standing, stretching and toning muscles to support the spine and breathing and relaxation.

This course will give you a tool box so that you are fully equipped to deal with any future back issues and injuries.


Students will receive a book of all the postures with full instructions and homework to do in-between each session. Students also get a relaxation CD to use throughout the course and beyond.


Diana Dearle, yoga for back careShoreham Chiropractic Clinic was proud that our yoga instructor, Diana Dearle, was the first to offer this research backed course in Sussex. Here is what Diana says about the Yoga Lower Back course/class:

"Overall the course builds a gentle, mindful approach to being aware of, managing and protecting lower back issues by introducing and working through specific yoga postures and breathing techniques.

The course also gives people a sturdy tool box to access when ever they feel the need to ease lower back discomfort moving towards pain. Confidence in their ability to decipher between mild, moderate and more intense discomfort and pain. Confidence is built by encouraging positive speak, mind set and breath work."

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The course has proved to be hugely popular, receiving rave reviews from all the attendees including:

  • "this course has transformed my life! I struggled with sitting for any length of time at a desk, in the car or even at the cinema. As the course progressed so did my ability to go about my life with out pain or stiffness. Truly liberating, I can't recommend Diana and yoga for backs highly enough"
  • "this course has improved my back beyond anything else I have tried (I’ve tried many things). Not only has it improved me physically, it has improved my mental health - it lifts the depression often caused with anger term back pain"
  • "my back feels stronger, more flexible and I know how to stand, sit and move in a way that helps my back. I have been able to do more things physically without getting back problems"
  • "increased confidence in my own body’s strength and enabled me to return to exercising"
  • "this course informed me of very useful stretch to do when struggling with back pain"
  • "made me more aware about my whole posture"
  • "I feel my back is stronger as a result of the course and feel more aware of how to protect my back by adopting good posture habits. Due to this course I now have attend regular yoga classes with Diana which is helping all aspects of my health and wellbeing”
  • "This course helped me feel confident in my body and it’s ability. I was locked in fear of hurting my back again and now I feel I can return to doing sport and exercise"
  • "This course has benefited my back beyond anything else I’ve tried. Not only has it improved my physical wellbeing, but I’ve noticed mental and emotional improvement too. Having lower back pain made me feel depressed and now I have the tools to help me for the rest of my life"


The course has a limited number of spaces so please contact us to find out when the next course is and to reserve your place.

We also have a range of regular Shoreham Yoga classes available throughout the week (see Studio timetable) and can be booked through the clinic on 01273 461155 or by our contact form.



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